Sunshine boulevard

Bird Watcher Vase

Rs. 1,450

The start of a new day always begins with the lovely singing of the birds which immediately puts one's heart at tranquility. Hearing their melodious chirps in the morning reminds us that another day is ready to be conquered, a new lesson to be learnt and an opportunity to spend more time making memories with the people we love. Designed by Anas Rashad, Earth Heart.

Handmade in Karnataka.

Size (Top Diameter X Height X Bottom Diameter) : 7 x 20 x 12cm

Material  :  Smoked Terracotta with Acrylic Illustration

Care instructions: To clean stains from the illustrated area and/ remove fungus, you can wipe the surface with a solution of vinegar and water. Avoid using hard chemicals or abrasives on the surface, as it may cause permanent damage to the illustration as well as the organically coated black colour of the planter. For indoor use only.


Each piece is hand made & hand painted hence unique.