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Lotus Bamboo Pendant Lamp - Small

Rs. 3,490

This gorgeous lamp by Mianzi is inspired by the “Lotus” flower, and the light emerging from the center of the design gives an elegant charm to the piece. Translating the tempo of purity, serenity, this lamp enlivens any space it is added to, like its namesake. The lampshade is hand-woven from bamboo with an exactitude rarely seen in hand-produced designs. The harmonic hues with a tranquil vibrancy of the natural world, this pendant lamp adds warmth and character to your space.  Lotus Pendant Lamp is all about exploring adaptability of interior lighting, considering dynamic materials, reimagining a more sustainable future.

This unconventional shape is rarely seen on a lighting pendant, making it an eye-catching centerpiece suitable for any living space.

Material : Bamboo & Linen Fabric

Size(diameter x height): 20x20cm 

Wire Length: 2 meter

Bulb: 40 Watt Incandescent Bulb