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Grassroots Pendant Light

Rs. 6,250

This collection by Earth Heart, is illustrated in antique gold, black and white. Grassroots takes us back to the roots, through strokes and motifs from the Indian landscape, it’s culture and folklore. This lampshade possesses a natural black, brought to life by potters who perfect the age-old technique of smoking earthenware with twigs and leaves to paint them with a beautiful matte shade of black.

Size (width x height): 32x20cm


Lampshade: Terracotta
Illustration: Acrylic | Emulsion

Bulb Preference
Warm LED Filament Bulb (4W - 6W)

Comes with

1m Wire
Ceramic holder
Ceiling cup (Metal)

The collection is designed for interior use only. The illustrations on the pendant lamp are hand-painted with acrylic, and is completely safe under direct sunlight. However, please make sure you keep it clear of water and moisture. To clean, use a duster or a dry soft cloth.

Our range of terracotta lamp shades are wheel-thrown, handmade and hand-painted. Therefore, there will be slight variations in its measurements from the size given above