Sunshine Boulevard

Tsuki Terracotta Planter(Set of 2)

Rs. 2,350

Designed by Earth Heart, Tsuki has an insatiable appetite, that he can go on munching for ever. The rustic matte black of the terracotta planter comes from a process of smoking the planter with locally collected wood and twigs. Sometimes the process leaves traces of brown behind, which is completely natural and unique to that planter.

Size (width X height): 17x16cm & 14x14cm

Material : Black-fired Terracotta, Illustration: Acrylic & Emulsion


This planter is for indoor use only. To clean stains from the illustrated area and/ remove fungus, you can wipe the surface with vinegar and water at 1:1 ratio. Avoid using hard chemicals or abrasives on the surface.

*pls note that the pot will come without the plant and there will be slight variations in colours due to the nature of handmade product.