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The art of storytelling on hand-carved wooden panels now at your home

Learning about our ancestors, plants, animals, and their activities, over the years been done through the intricate carvings and paintings that adorn the many temple walls and pillars in India and the world over. These same motifs and stories can now make their way into your lovely homes on hand-carved wooden wall panels

With a range of products using mango wood and teak wood; coupled with a mix of materials like stone, glass, and mirror, these decorative carved wood wall panels are sure to add value to your interior décor. Sunshine Boulevard understands your desire to deck your halls with only the most unique and classic carved wall panels that are sure to make an impression.

These cheap carved wood wall panels capture the intricate details in flowers and plants, animals in action, and the tiny details present in mythological scenes. Incorporated into these carved wood panels are the elements related to nature, religion, norms, and values that altogether work in perfect synergy to illustrate age-old stories.

Sunshine Boulevard’s decorative carved wood wall panels have been handcrafted by some of the finest craftsmen in the country that showcase the flair, symbolism, and elegance that Indian values hold. The woodcarving craft holds a place of prestige as it depicts the beauty and profound observation of nature and its varied elements. To have these very observations transferred through hand-carved wooden wall panels that grace your house is what we at Sunshine Boulevard aim for.